A technician monitors methane at an oil and gas site in Colorado. Courtesy: Colorado University.
Coronavirus, COVID-19 June 16, 2022

Laser technology works to plug methane gas leaks

Colorado researchers are using laser technology to detect natural gas, which is invisible to the eye, leaking from pipes at sites, in real time.

By Daniel Strain
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology Virtual Training Week, Wood
AI & Machine Learning October 13, 2021

AI, controls and the future of maintenance

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are helping control and maintenance effectiveness, and an application demonstration shows how process simulation and machine teaching builds AI-based controllers to resolve industry problems, as shown in an Oct. 21 Virtual Training Week course.

By Mark T. Hoske

AI/ML goes mainstream

May 17, 2021
Figure 1: A treemap displays a chemical company’s critical control valve health scores within a production unit. Courtesy: Seeq
Analytics June 3, 2022

Advanced analytics improve process optimization

Success stories show how advanced analytics software is used to create insights and improve process efficiency. See three use case examples.

By Allison Buenemann
Courtesy: Opto 22
Automation December 1, 2021

OEM delivers automated pressure testing with edge computing

An oil and gas original equipment manufacturer (OEM) uses edge computing for integrated data and control to maintain the safety and integrity of drilling facilities.

By Josh Eastburn
Engineered Materials July 16, 2018

PEEK-blend rod guides extend service life in high-temperature wells

By Jeff Done and Darla Bugg, Apergy
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
IT July 8, 2022

Colonial Pipeline fined almost $1 million

By Erin Anderson
The Cornell University Borehole Observatory, located on a Cornell-owned gravel parking lot near Palm Road. Courtesy of: Cornell University
Machinery & Equip July 17, 2022

Borehole to reveal viability of campus’s geothermal future

By David Nutt
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Production & SCM April 27, 2022

UniversalAutomation.Org welcomes oil and gas giant

By UniversalAutomation.org