Business of Engineering April 25, 2019

Using lean methods to find process improvements

Be involved in improving the work environment around you.

By Brandon Zeleniak, Southland Industries, Las Vegas
Educational April 25, 2019

Advice for engineers: Set training goals to reach career plans

Career advice: Creative ideas and innovation make a difference. Choose the right mentor and friends to understand your strengths and interests for a tighter focus on career, talent and skills.

By Sheikh Rafik Manihar Ahmed
Oil and Gas April 4, 2019

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Oil and Gas April 1, 2019

Large-scale flex fatigue test rig developed

Response to more challenging environments.

By Joao Melo and Richard Norton
Oil and Gas April 25, 2019

Subsea construction support vessel cleared for deployment

Oceaneering's advanced subsea construction support vessel, Ocean Evolution, is designed to provide customers with installation services for subsea tiebacks, maintenance, repair and decommissioning and well stimulation and light well intervention services.

By Oceaneering
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Courtesy: CFE Media
Robotics April 21, 2019

Inspection robot benefits for critical infrastructure applications

Inspection robots feature advanced vision systems and are in high demand in critical infrastructure applications and industries such as oil & gas and the petrochemical industries.

Multinational oil and gas companies, such as BP, Shell, Chevron and Equinor, are also leaders in the digital oilfield space. Courtesy: GlobalData, Oil and Gas Intelligence Center
Oil and Gas April 18, 2019

Digital oilfield advancing due to technology growth

Technology advances in sensing, automation, and connectivity have fueled digital oilfield growth according to a report by GlobalData.

By GlobalData
Sulzer’s automated welding delivers quality and cost-efficient corrosion protection for distillation columns. Courtesy: Sulzer
Oil and Gas April 17, 2019

Automated welding provided protection for distillation columns at Spanish refinery

An automated welding project delivered cost-efficient corrosion protection for distillation columns for a refinery complex in Spain to debottleneck different columns and extend their service lives.

By Dorota Zoldosova
Oil and Gas April 7, 2019

Notes from the edge

Companies are looking to take advantage of the high demand for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) from oil & gas customers.

By Kevin Parker
Programmable and self-learning robotics are employed in the research and development activities of Clariant Oil Services in the quest for game changing paraffin inhibitor molecules born though painstaking structure-activity relationship understanding. Courtesy: Clariant
Oil and Gas April 3, 2019

High-throughput experimentation delivers effective oilfield chemicals

Innovative approach to identifying application formulations removes barriers to efficient production.

By Dr. Jonathan Wylde, Dr. Anton Kaiser, and Lucius Kemp
Figure 1: A schematic representation of a well. Courtesy: Frank’s International
Oil and Gas April 2, 2019

A cradle-to-grave approach in well completions

Inclusive philosophy ensures integrity throughout a well's service life.

By Brennan Domec, Ph.D., P.E. and Robert Thibodeaux, P.E.
Sensing capabilities are retrofitted by attaching what are described as peripheral universal connection (PUC) modules to an engine. Four PUCs can monitor high-speed engine components and characteristics that include power cylinder, valve train, turbo health, main bearings and frame vibration. Courtesy: Apergy
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 March 30, 2019

High-speed engine monitoring IIoT-enhanced

Analytics improve performance of remote assets.

By Kevin Parker