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Oil and Gas November 24, 2020

IT/OT convergence helps upstream and midstream operations pivot to meet new realities

World events impose changes on upstream and midstream oil & gas operations, but IT/OT convergence and digitalization helps users adapt

By Denka Wangdi and Darrell Halterman
Courtesy: Steve Rourke, CFE Media
Oil and Gas March 18, 2021

Oil and gas industry’s future lies in technology

To continually safeguard the oil and gas industry, companies must look to technology advances such as digital twins, smart pipelines and more.

By Henry Berry
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Analytics May 3, 2021

Tapping into the data well

How self-service analytics contribute to asset reliability and operational performance

By Julian Pereira
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Oil and Gas April 20, 2021

Chemical manufacturers, oil & gas industries face growing technological obsolescence

Companies seek support in knowing what they have and what they need

By Kevin Parker
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Oil and Gas February 16, 2021

Four essential ingredients for oilfield service providers

By Marne Martin
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Oil and Gas May 11, 2021

Lessons learned from the Colonial Pipeline attack

By Ron Brash
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Oil and Gas February 15, 2021

Using NACE standards to protect against corrosion

By Ali Babakr and David Macedonia
Courtesy: Neubrex Energy Services
Oil and Gas May 4, 2021

Recent advances in fiber optic sensing systems

By Jim McMahon