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Oil and Gas November 24, 2020

IT/OT convergence helps upstream and midstream operations pivot to meet new realities

World events impose changes on upstream and midstream oil & gas operations, but IT/OT convergence and digitalization helps users adapt

By Denka Wangdi and Darrell Halterman
AI and Machine Learning May 17, 2021

AI/ML goes mainstream

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are moving into operations, in the oil & gas industry and beyond.

By Kevin Parker
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Analytics May 3, 2021

Tapping into the data well

How self-service analytics contribute to asset reliability and operational performance

By Julian Pereira
Courtesy: CFE Media
Oil and Gas April 20, 2021

Chemical manufacturers, oil & gas industries face growing technological obsolescence

Companies seek support in knowing what they have and what they need

By Kevin Parker
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Oil and Gas February 16, 2021

Four essential ingredients for oilfield service providers

By Marne Martin
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Cybersecurity May 21, 2021

Colonial Pipeline incident reinforces value of managed OT system isolation

By Jonathan Lang, Andrew Meyers, Leif Eriksen
Courtesy: Emerson
Oil and Gas February 15, 2021

Using NACE standards to protect against corrosion

By Ali Babakr and David Macedonia
Courtesy: Neubrex Energy Services
Oil and Gas May 4, 2021

Recent advances in fiber optic sensing systems

By Jim McMahon