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O&G water haulers get the attention they deserve
Wednesday, September 5, 2018, at 11 a.m. PT/1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET
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A simple on-line search is enough to confirm an increase in demand for oil & gas field water-hauling services. Besides generating good jobs, this demand triggers a need for improved productivity in water-hauling operations. Yet there are few, if any, solutions that automate coordination of water-hauling operations.

Haulers transport water and other materials from well sites to disposal stations. Transporting water is required for most well-servicing jobs, including completions, workovers, and well-maintenance operations.

One mobility solution provider in the oil & gas industry is taking notice of the water haulers’ plight.

FieldLink, from Detechtion, can increase water hauler production efficiency by one-third, while supporting rapid, straightforward payment for services delivered. Detechtion Technologies is an industrial IoT and mobile application provider. Besides the water-hauling application featured in the webcast, solutions include chemical injection, compression and other production operations.


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