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Oil & Gas Engineering addresses the industry’s most compelling topics, including operations transformed by IT-based automation and digitalization; 21st century advances in engineered materials, machines, and equipment; and management of data-driven production and supply chain scenarios. Oil & Gas Engineering is about optimized processes and ensured reliability – from petroleum to petrochemicals. Our mission is to inform a highly qualified engineering, operations, and management audience about technologies finding productive application in the oil & gas industry.

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Judy Pinsel

National Sales

For the past 9 years (2012-2021), CFE Media has hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During these sessions industry experts presented on the following:

  • Tips for successful integrated marketing campaigns

  • Latest trends in social media relevant to the engineering community

  • Tips for website design

  • Content marketing strategies

  • Best practices for marketing to engineers

  • Tips for marketing communications

  • New product introductions

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Industrial branding, and other marketing to engineers tools