AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning October 9, 2016

Data mining and analytics for performance optimization

Exploring data analysis techniques for easy, cost-effective solutions in the oil and gas industry.

By Bert Baeck, TrendMiner
AI & Machine Learning October 8, 2016

Moving at the speed of data

Tony Edwards of StepChange Global discusses how oil and gas operators are managing the use of data in operations, and how field workers and the control room are learning to trust each other more in this new digital age.

By Oil & Gas Engineering
AI & Machine Learning August 6, 2016

Integrated software package mends a ‘broken’ data system

New production methods, such as horizontal drilling, enabled the company extract more oil from its extensive reservoir of reserves in the Permian Basin of west Texas.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
AI & Machine Learning August 3, 2016

Integrating a new strategy

Enterprise Application Integration (EIA) offers data management to better manage costs, process challenges.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
AI & Machine Learning April 29, 2016

Electronic voiceprint technology designed to improve network security

Researchers have developed an approach using an electronic voiceprint to improve network security for industrial control systems (ICSs) in oil and gas refineries, manufacturing facilities, wastewater treatment plants and other critical industrial systems.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
AI & Machine Learning April 11, 2016

Hydraulically-powered skidding system for heavy loads

The 300-ton and 500-ton capacity hydraulically powered Hydra-Slide heavy track skidding systems are for moving, loading or unloading all types of heavy loads.

By Lifting Gera Higher
AI & Machine Learning April 10, 2016

Drone imagery for oil and gas applications

Aerial imagery and data capture via manned and unmanned aerial vehicles with computer vision algorithms can efficiently and effectively analyze and interpret such images and data.

By Panton Inc.
AI & Machine Learning March 2, 2016

Plant resource manager for data monitoring

Yokogawa Electric's version R3.30 of its plant resource manager (PRM) software tool for the centralized management of large amounts of data and includes a management function for HART and enhancements to the navigation function.

By Yokogawa
AI & Machine Learning January 29, 2016

Intelligent automation series part 4: Data analysis systems

Part 4: This series explains the automation pyramid: A framework for process intelligence and improvement. The fourth level: data analysis systems are explained. Links to Parts 1 through 3 can be found at the bottom of this story.

By Alex Marcy
AI & Machine Learning January 21, 2016

Protecting FPSOs from arc flash

At a large floating production storage and offloading unit (FPSO), managers have found a way to protect workers and equipment from electrical arc flash and reduce the risk of downtime.

By Dr. Jay Prigmore