AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning January 15, 2016

Petroleum engineering program receives accreditation

The University of Houston's petroleum engineering program—started in 2009—has been elevated to a full department within the UH Cullen College of Engineering.

By University of Houston
AI & Machine Learning December 24, 2015

Tunable diode laser spectrometer

Yokogawa's TDLS8000 tunable diode laser spectrometer is designed to make in-situ measurements of gas concentrations for the the oil and gas, petrochemical, electric power, and steel industries.

By Yokogawa
AI & Machine Learning November 30, 2015

Virtual servers maintain uptime, save on Capex

As the connected enterprise takes hold in the manufacturing world, it is also moving into the oil and gas industry. Virtualization ensures uptime remains constant in the event of a crash.

By Eric R. Eissler
AI & Machine Learning November 13, 2015

Using data historians to predict energy trends

James Kelloway from National Grid (U.K.) explained how data historians are being used to predict energy trends in the United Kingdom and protect energy grids from potential malfunctions and damage. Kelloway spoke at the 2015 Schneider Electric Software User Conference in Chicago.

By Chris Vavra
AI & Machine Learning August 20, 2015

Extracting full value from operational data

Technologies, such as big data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), offer oil and gas companies great opportunities as tools for real-time data analysis and performance improvement—if the industry can conquer the accompanying data-integration challenges.

By Sidney Hill
AI & Machine Learning May 16, 2015

Kinetic mesh: Wireless networks groomed in the most rugged environments

Traditional ways of network routing work just fine in a stable environment. But in rugged, dynamic environments, kinetic mesh is increasingly effective where infrastructure devices are constantly on the move. Also see an explanation of how kinetic mesh can be used in oil and gas applications.

By Robert Schena
AI & Machine Learning May 1, 2015

Maintaining power in remote locations

UPS systems ensure reliable power for oil and gas applications.

By Michael A. Stout
AI & Machine Learning April 30, 2015

Control virtualization in an era of software-defined machines

The promise of the industrial Internet is to bring the strength of monitoring and analytics in the cloud to day-to-day decision-making via machines powered by embedded control systems—software-defined machines. Internet of Things (IoT) connects machines to machines, machines to people, and machines/people to the cloud with an expectation of a continuously improving experience.

By Rich Carpenter
AI & Machine Learning March 2, 2015

Software upgrade for remote communications

Kepware Technologies' KEPServerEX version 5.17 features a scheduler plug-in as well as updates to the local historian plug-in and EFM suite and are designed for the oil & gas, water & wastewater, and power industries.

By Kepware
AI & Machine Learning October 20, 2014

EC: Tofino Xenon security appliance

Control Security: The Tofino Xenon is a versatile, extremely ruggedized security device that ensures maximum network and data protection in the harshest industrial conditions. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

By Control Engineering