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Courtesy of: Bently Nevada
Oil and Gas April 6, 2020

The impact of digitalization on the oil & gas industry

An interview with Bently Nevada’s Terry Knight

By Terry Knight
Courtesy: Ranger Energy Services
Oil and Gas March 16, 2020

Transforming completion and production service delivery at oil and gas well sites

Reporting can be a challenge in the oil and gas industry due to the constant potential hazards, but mobile apps can help deliver accurate information and improve overall productivity

By Mark Haubert and Jim Kulis
Left: Daniel “Kwasi” Adjekum, an assistant professor of aviation in UND’s John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences; Right: Vamegh Rasouli, UND Continental Resources Distinguished Professor of Petroleum Engineering. Courtesy: University of North Dakota/ISSSource
Oil and Gas February 21, 2020

Aviation, offshore drilling research teams collaborate to improve safety

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has awarded University of North Dakota researchers a grant to develop a program designed to improve offshore safety culture in the oil and gas industry.

By Gregory Hale
Oil and Gas February 4, 2020

Grant awarded for offshore oil and gas safety research

The Gulf Research Program (GRP) awarded Dr. Ivan Damnjanovic at Texas A&M University a grant to develop quantifiable measurements of safety culture improvements for the offshore oil and gas industry.

By Alyson Chapman
Best practices to guide digital transformation. Courtesy: Falkonry
Oil and Gas February 2, 2020

Five best practices for predictive operations at scale

Case study example illustrates challenges and opportunities

By Nikunj Mehta, Ph.D.
Oil and Gas January 27, 2020

Improving offshore safety with increased mindfulness

A partnership among University of Houston researchers and energy companies, Diamond Offshore Drilling and Baker Hughes, will examine whether simple exercises designed to increase mindfulness can reduce potential safety risks associated with offshore operations.

By Jeannie Kever
Asset management is obtaining greater relevance in enhancing operational efficiencies for oil and gas companies, according to a GlobalData report. Courtesy: GlobalData
Oil and Gas November 21, 2019

Asset management is increasingly important for oil and gas companies

Asset management is obtaining greater relevance in enhancing operational efficiencies for oil and gas companies, according to a GlobalData report.

By GlobalData
With a GPU-accelerated database, organizations evaluate much larger data sets, 100 times faster than possible with CPU power alone, increasing performance capability and advanced geospatial analytics at scale. Courtesy: Kinetica
Analytics October 1, 2019

Active analytics can drive better business decisions

With a GPU-accelerated database, organizations evaluate larger data sets.

By Nohyun Myung
Automation September 7, 2019

Digital twins, engineering future of automation

Rapid growth of data collection make rapid expansion of digital twins more likely to add automation, supply chain efficiencies and optimization.

By Stone Shi
Seeq, an advanced analytics application, was used to predict the end-of-run date for a heat exchanger, eliminating a refinery’s unplanned production rate reductions due to heat transfer constraints. Courtesy: Seeq
Analytics May 30, 2019

Optimizing asset performance in refineries

Advanced analytics use machine learning to simplify user experience, generate process data insights.

By Michael Risse