Automation, Controls February 8, 2016

Programmable alarm trips for process, chemical applications

Moore Industries' SPA2IS programmable alarm trips with built-in intrinsically-safe (IS) field connections monitor, control, and measure signals in hazardous areas have an alarm solution that significantly reduces wiring, installation and maintenance costs.

By Moore Industries
Automation, Controls February 1, 2016

Process models facilitate feedback control

Mathematical models of process behavior can be used to improve the design and performance of feedback controllers.

By Vance VanDoren, PhD, PE
Automation, Controls January 27, 2016

Intelligent automation series part 3: Information systems

Part 3: This series explains the automation pyramid: A framework for process intelligence and improvement. The third level examines information systems and how they are the first step towards a fully connected enterprise.

By Alex Marcy, Corso Systems
Automation, Controls January 20, 2016

Intelligent automation series part 2: Automation Pyramid’s first two levels

Part 2: This series explains the automation pyramid: A framework for process intelligence and improvement. The first two levels: process equipment/instrumentation and control systems are explained.

By Alex Marcy, Corso Systems
Automation, Controls January 19, 2016

Cyclone separators

The importance of the cyclone separator is moving from the tried and true technologies to different and specific applications not considered possible even a decade or so ago until 3D printers appeared in a range of industrial applications—from one-off person-specific medical implants to cost effective short run specialized spare parts manufacturing.

By Don Yates
Automation, Controls January 18, 2016

Real-world impact of simulation

Disruptive simulation technologies enabled a large oil pipeline company to maximize profits. Twenty percent savings in capital projects were realized, amounting to $85 million. An additional $24 million in benefit was achieved in additional annual, recurring revenue.

By Allan Chegus
Automation, Controls January 17, 2016

Air and gas flow meter for hazardous environments

Fluid Components International's (FCI) ST98 Air/Gas Flow Meter is designed for industries such as electronics, oil and gas, chemical, power generation, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, steel, and wastewater treatment.

By Fluid Components International (FCI)
Automation, Controls January 11, 2016

DIN-rail power supplies for chemical, oil and gas applications

Idec Corporation's PS5R-V line of DIN-rail power supplies are designed for hazardous location applications such as oil and gas processing and petrochemical facilities.

By Idec Corporation
Automation, Controls January 11, 2016

Hydraulic rotary actuator series for onshore, offshore fracking applications

Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Unibody (HUB) series rotary actuator is designed for onshore and offshore fracking applications in the oil and gas industry as well as other applications where rotation is desired in an actuator.

By Parker Hannifin Corporation
Automation, Controls January 6, 2016

Best practices in integrated HMI/SCADA systems enable smarter data acquisition

Open platform development tools enable more effective, affordable approaches to SCADA.

By Martin Rudloff