Automation April 6, 2015

Enclosed option for reactor line

Hammond Power Solutions' Centurion R reactor has added an enclosed option and is designed to address both line-side and load-side issues associated with demanding ac drive applications.

By Hammond Power Solutions
Automation March 20, 2015

FAA exemption permits drones for oil and gas inspections

Sky-Futures, a UK-based company offering drone inspection services to the global oil and gas industry, was awarded an FAA exemption allowing their drones to fly in U.S. air space.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Automation March 13, 2015

SaaS offers low-risk approach to money-saving technologies

Many manufacturers are looking for solutions that can cut costs today but without having to make major investments. Software-as-a-Service can reduce implementation time, risk, and cost.

Automation December 23, 2014

Thermal enhanced oil recovery techniques

Oil & Gas Engineering spoke with Dr. Berna Hascakir from the Heavy Oils, Oil Shales, Oil Sands, and Carbonate Recovery Methods (HOCAM) center at Texas A&M University to get a glimpse of new technologies being developed to extract heavy oil and bitumen in unconventional plays. Dr. Hascakir discussed microwave heating, steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), and in-situ combustion (ISC).

By Berna Hascakir
Automation November 7, 2014

Software management program for managing field devices

Yokogawa's FieldMate Versatile Device Management Wizard R3.01 is a software program for configuring, adjusting, and managing a wide variety of field devices used in factories and other production sites and is useful for routine maintenance tasks.

By Yokogawa
Automation October 20, 2014

EC: Monitouch HMI V9 series

Hardware — HMI, Operator Interface, Thin-client: The Monitouch HMI V9 Series are UL Certified, and come standard with on-board Ethernet ports and SD card slots, allowing for better connectivity to peripheral devices. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering