Automation February 12, 2017

What 2017 means for oil and gas industries

Oil moves higher; growing U.S. natural gas exports are among the trends expected to highlight 2017.

By Kevin Parker
Automation February 6, 2017

Operations data includes clues for automatic process improvement

Oil and gas companies cut maintenance costs and boost efficiency—by smartly analyzing control data.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Automation January 6, 2017

Machinery health monitor for protecting process applications

Emerson's AMS 6500 machinery health monitor is certified for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2, which helps it protect against asset and process failures in applications such as steam and gas turbines in power plants and critical refinery and nuclear industry assets.

By Emerson
Automation December 14, 2016

Creating standards for controls systems for mergers and acquisitions

Creating and following controls system standards and guidelines can help mitigate costs during a mergers, acquisitions, and expansions for the pipeline and terminals industry.

By T.J. Gibbons, Mangan Inc.
Automation December 13, 2016

IO platform for improved connectivity in hazardous areas

Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1719 Ex I/O platform is designed to allow users to access data from field devices and more easily control process operations in hazardous applications such as oil and gas, chemical, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage.

By Rockwell Automartion
Automation December 7, 2016

SCADA remains relevant for industrial automation

Embedded workflow, engineering model support, and auto-discoverable assets are among the technologies keeping SCADA alive.

By Kevin Parker
Automation December 2, 2016

Achieving operational excellence using APC

In the chemical industry, advanced process control (APC) is the formula for reaching higher levels of operational excellence. See 10 APC opportunities, including 3%-5% capacities gain and 3%-15% energy savings.

By Tushar Singh, Kate Kulik
Automation November 27, 2016

Reducing well contamination with microbial control optimization

Mitigating oil and gas production risk by taking an integrated approach to microbial control.

By Ken Wunch and Christina Pampena, Dow Microbial Control
Automation November 9, 2016

Slip ring diagnostic system for analyzing wind turbine equipment

Leine and Linde's ADSR is a diagnostic system designed for analyzing condition and predicting remaining service life within slip rings, especially useful in onshore and offshore wind turbines.

By Leine & Linde
Automation November 8, 2016

Key security components and strategies for industrial control systems

Back to Basics: Industrial control systems (ICSs) are becoming a more frequent target for cybersecurity attacks, and companies working in vital industries need to take steps to prevent or reduce the risk for a catastrophic event. See five drivers of and eight ways to support ICS cybersecurity.

By Anil Gosine