Automation November 1, 2016

Butterfly valve basics

Inside Process: Like other types of valves butterfly valves interrupt product flow within processes. Typically used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, they have generally replaced ball valves due to lower cost and ease of installation.

By Ronnie Moore, Cross Company
Automation October 18, 2016

Digital remote sensor for measuring liquid levels

Yokogawa's EJXC40A digital remote sensor is a differential pressure transmitter that is equipped with two pressure sensors and is designed for process manufacturing applications such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation.

By Yokogawa
Automation October 16, 2016

Coriolis mass flowmeter and transmitter series

Yokogawa's Rotamass Total Insight (TI) series of Coriolis mass flowmeters and transmitters are designed for process industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and foods.

By Yokogawa
Automation October 6, 2016

Web SCADA offers new benefits, smarter operations

Cloud-based SCADA offers new data, reporting, analytics, and more cost-effective operations.

By Daniel Johns, Critical Control Energy Services
Automation October 5, 2016

SCADA addresses oil and gas field challenges

IT-based automation’s role in coordinating for complex operations within the oil and gas industry.

By Kevin Parker, Oil & Gas Engineering
Automation October 3, 2016

Knowing the future: predictive maintenance and risk mitigation

Predictive technology proves to be the answer to help prevent plant downtime, safety, and environmental risks.

By João Marques
Automation October 3, 2016

System integrator acquired by automation company

Rockwell Automation has acquired systems integrator company Maverick Technologies in an effort to expand their control and information solutions.

By Rockwell Automation and Maverick Technologies
Automation September 28, 2016

How to battle drift in bonded foil strain gauge-based sensors

Strain gauge-based sensors have a wide variety of uses, tolerance for the oil and gas industry.

By Will Bowden, HBM Inc.
Automation September 12, 2016

Supply chain and production management software portfolio

Honeywell Process Solutions' (HPS) Symphonite is a portfolio is designed to offer an end-to-end solution for the oil and gas, refining, mining, metals, and minerals industries.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
Automation September 11, 2016

Axial high voltage diodes for power supplies

Dean Technology's UFHV series of axial lead high voltage diodes are RoHS compliant and available in 2, 3 and 4 kV, with a 75 ns response time.

By Dean Technology