Engineered Materials

Engineered Materials August 21, 2018

China to lead global propylene growth, according to report

China and Asia as a whole is expected to lead the charge in global propylene growth over the next decade according to a report by GlobalData.

By GlobalData
Engineered Materials July 16, 2018

PEEK-blend rod guides extend service life in high-temperature wells

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) blend rod guides perform reliably as high as 480˚F.

By Jeff Done and Darla Bugg, Apergy
Engineered Materials August 14, 2017

How to choose open- or closed-loop control

Defining open- and closed-loop control with application examples can help explain when each should be used, why, and with what consequences.

By Jim Ford, PhD, PE, Maverick Technologies
Engineered Materials July 31, 2017

Moving to a wireless remote monitoring system

Heed this advice on what needs to be considered when moving from a wired remote monitoring communications to wireless communications.

By Scott Keller
Engineered Materials July 31, 2017

Choosing between open- and closed-loop control

Closing the control loop provides insight into the behavior of the process.

By Vance VanDoren, PhD, PE
Engineered Materials June 13, 2017

PLC for enhanced cybersecurity, integration

Honeywell Process Solutions' (HPS) ControlEdge programmable logic controller (PLC) is designed to reduce integration efforts and project costs as well as enhanced cybersecurity for industrial facilities.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
Engineered Materials May 4, 2017

Signaling considerations for control system migrations

Not every analog field instrument can be wired to any given analog input (AI) module, nor can any discrete output (DO) module be wired to any given discrete final control element.

By Shane Hudson
Engineered Materials November 5, 2016

Offshore illuminator for hazardous locations

Clark-Reliance's Jerguson LumaStar EPL-316 offshore illuminator is ideal for offshore or other hazardous service environments.

By Clark-Reliance Corporation
Engineered Materials October 24, 2016

Multi-threat monitor for industrial safety applications

Honeywell's AreaRAE Plus multi-threat monitor features meteorological monitoring and GPS-enabled location identification of hazards in applications such as oil and gas and wastewater treatment.

By Honeywell
Engineered Materials September 16, 2016

Heavy duty cordset for hazardous locations

Turck has released an expansion to its Minifast offering, which is designed for gas turbine, skid, compres­sor, and shipboard applications.

By Turck