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IT July 8, 2022

Colonial Pipeline fined almost $1 million

PHMSA stated that Colonial Pipeline Company failed to adequately plan for manual shutdown and restart of its pipeline system.

By Erin Anderson
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
IT March 9, 2022

More connected industrial workers: How are companies mitigating risk?

With more remote connections to industrial plants and facilities, risk of cybersecurity breaches has increased. What risk mitigation is in place?

By Sid Snitkin
IT September 10, 2021

Connectivity in the wild: taking oil fields to the cloud

Pumping data from wells to a safe and secure location

By Eric Troyer
More advanced solutions are needed to better protect an offshore platform from cyberattack. Courtesy: Naval Dome
IT August 27, 2021

Cybersecurity project abroad deepwater drilling rigs

Naval Dome and the offshore division of a supermajor have identified and mitigated cyber risks common to offshore deepwater drilling rigs.

By Naval Dome
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IT August 20, 2021

Colonial pipeline attack debrief and lessons

Recent high-profile attacks such as Colonial Pipeline underline the point that critical infrastructure attacks will get worse before they get better.

By Robert Fairfax
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IT August 16, 2021

How the American Jobs Plan could improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Provisions within the American Jobs Plan could improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity, but it's the first in many steps needed to make the nation safer from cyber attacks.

By Robert Fairfax
Courtesy: Verve Industrial
IT July 28, 2021

TSA Pipeline cybersecurity directive announced

DHS and CISA released a security directive for critical pipeline operators

By John Livingston
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IT May 21, 2021

Colonial Pipeline incident reinforces value of managed OT system isolation

The cyberattack that compromised Colonial Pipeline serves as sobering reminder that operational technology (OT) system isolation must be consistently managed. Four lessons from the incident are highlighted.

By Jonathan Lang, Andrew Meyers, Leif Eriksen
Courtesy: CFE Media screen capture from 2021 Hannover Messe Digital Edition
IT April 13, 2021

Hannover Messe Digital Edition: Digital transformation, international collaboration, award winner

With industrial digital transformation as the theme, the 2021 Hannover Messe Digital Edition kicked off a week of more than 1,500 program activities with more than 500 speakers, April 12-16, covering trends in industry, energy and logistics with experts from business, science and industry. See the 2021 Hermes Award winner.

By Mark T. Hoske
IT March 2, 2021

Introducing Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse

Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse is a new website dedicated to educating and informing engineers about the latest challenges and developments relating to cybersecurity, information/operational technology (IT/OT), the cloud and more. Check it out!

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