IT March 13, 2015

Six ways a mobile service app helps oil and gas businesses improve field equipment performance

Equip oil and gas service technicians with mobile software to connect them to the back office, preform more efficient service, and gain detailed reporting in the field.

By Joanna Rotter
IT March 10, 2015

Firmware updated for router designed to enhance cyber security

Moxa's EDR-810 industrial 10-port secure router has received a firmware update designed to enhance cyber security for transparent firewall functionality and the providing of real-time event notification.

By Moxa
IT February 25, 2015

The active cyber defense cycle: A strategy to ensure oil and gas infrastructure cyber security

Robert M. Lee, co-founder of Dragos Security LLC, shares his insight into the challenges of cyber security in the oil and gas industry with a five-part series on implementing the active cyber defense cycle. This first part presents a general overview.

By Robert M. Lee
IT February 25, 2015

Technology helps deliver a smoother handoff

The emergence of 3D CAD systems has turned operational design into a multicolored, multidimensional landscape. To meet these needs, suppliers have come up with a wide array of tools to keep all of that data in order and accessible.

By Roberto Michel
IT February 25, 2015

Relays for emergency shut-down systems

Weidmuller's Safeseries SIL relays now feature cULus approval and are designed for tank overfill protection and shutdown controls for refineries and oil and gas storage facilities.

By Weidmuller
IT February 20, 2015

Relevant relief device considerations keep facilities safer

As technology evolves, most facilities or the brick-and-mortar part of the facility remains the same. This can lead to dangerous situations, as relief systems and devices are outdated and not matched to the current technology. It is vital to plant safety and operability that the design of these crucial systems is kept evergreen.

By Ryan Supple
IT January 15, 2015

Mobile spy program targets oil industry

A cyber-espionage campaign thought to be the next step in the Red October operation appears to be targeting, among others, oil industry users of Android, iOS and BlackBerry mobile devices through spear-phishing attacks.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
IT December 20, 2014

Industrial computing evolves with the oil and gas industry

As oil and gas extraction moves to new locations—such as subsea oil sands and shale deposits, the computing systems that support these activities must adapt to function in these harsh environments.

By Maria Hansson
IT November 21, 2014

Oil and gas subsea equipment gets a network application profile

CAN networks on the ocean floor: To observe and protect the drilling process in sub-sea clusters of sensors, meters, and valves are used. But this is insufficient for reliability and interoperability requirements. SIIS (sub-sea instrument interface standardization) group worked with CiA (CAN in Automation) to network the equipment on the ocean floor, creating a new application profile for sub-sea equipment, which will help in standard formation.

By Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation)
IT April 30, 2014

Real-time data integration in the digital oil field

Real-time data integration is a crucial aspect of the digital oil field, but to make its integration successful, production engineers must implement a data infrastructure based on four key elements.

By Mario Torre, MSc