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Figure 1: Process manufacturing plants have PRVs as part of any sealed system where pressure can develop. Large facilities can have hundreds. Courtesy: Emerson
Machinery & Equip April 26, 2019

Should assets be monitored in-house or in the cloud?

Wireless sensors and specialized software deliver options for improved effectiveness.

By Brian Joe
A variable frequency drive (VFD) controls the rotational speed of an alternating current electric motor and thereby the flow and pressure of a pump, eliminating the need for a throttling valve. Courtesy: Danfoss
Machinery & Equip February 5, 2019

AC drives emerge as entry point for industrial digitalization

While bearings wear out frequently, pump applications are forever.

By Steve Meyer and Kevin Parker
Figure 1: A Coriolis flowmeter is shown. Courtesy: Endress+Hauser
Machinery & Equip January 31, 2019

Oil terminal efficiency improved with high-capacity flowmeter

Coriolis flowmeters mitigate pressures placed on terminal, tank farm, and pipeline distribution facilities.

By Mark Thomas
Figure 3. Intelligent connection analyzed make-up technology screen and display.
Machinery & Equip November 27, 2018

Machine learning streamlines tubular connection analysis

Questions are answered through an application example that applies machine learning to tubular connection analysis

By Brennan Domec, Ph.D., P.E.
Pump packing seal exhibiting excessive leakage to the environment. Courtesy: John Crane Inc.
Machinery & Equip November 26, 2018

Upgrade from pump packing to mechanical seals

Sealing conserves water, improves energy efficiency, and minimizes environmental impact.

By Mark Savage and Sam Ajram
Courtesy: Weldbend
Machinery & Equip October 31, 2018

Installation begins for cold-form tee-press manufacturing facility

Weldbend Corporation announced that installation has begun at its manufacturing facility near Chicago on the largest cold-form Tee-Press in the Americas and Western Europe to expand the company's forging capabilities.

By Weldbend
Courtesy: Bedrock Automation
Sponsored White Paper Machinery & Equip October 24, 2018

Industrial Control Systems Life Cycle Cost Analysis – Content Evaluation

The white paper provides a template for conducting a quantitative vendor analysis of PLC, SCADA, DCS or other industrial control system (ICS) offerings.

By Bedrock Automation
Courtesy: Niresh Behari
Machinery & Equip October 9, 2018

Growing role of human/machine interaction in risk management

A risk management evaluation for safety-critical equipment (SCE), including use of a risk matrix, is fundamental to controlling operating hazards, but even proven industry hazard determination templates won’t work with outdated data.

By Niresh Behari
Courtesy: WTI Midland basis forward curves from CME.
Machinery & Equip October 4, 2018

Technology improvements driving down Permian Basin oil production costs

Oil production in the Permian Basin has nearly doubled since early 2016 thanks to technology improvements and there are no signs of slowdown in the short- or long-term.

By Josh Schulte
Adjusting to the new normal in the oil & gas industry means increased innovation alongside operational discipline and re-evaluating medium-voltage switchgear applications. Courtesy: Schneider Electric
Machinery & Equip October 2, 2018

The era of air insulated switchgear has passed

Adjusting to the new normal in the oil & gas industry means increased innovation alongside operational discipline and re-evaluating medium-voltage switchgear applications.

By Joe Richard