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Machinery & Equip July 17, 2022

Borehole to reveal viability of campus’s geothermal future

Cornell University is breaking ground on its geothermal energy efforts in order to be carbon-neutral by 2035 with a 2-mile borehole to determine feasibility.

By David Nutt
Machinery & Equip May 4, 2022

Research groups join consortium to propose hydrogen energy hub

Cornell and two Cornell research-startups have joined a consortium that aims to propose a Northeast research hub to make hydrogen a viable, clean-energy alternative to carbon-based fuels.

By Blaine Friedlander
Machinery & Equip December 10, 2021

An O&G services provider’s approach to digital transformation

Reliability and performance gain from IoT edge technology, defined business process and technician experience.

By Kevin Parker
Machinery & Equip October 14, 2021

Asset lifecycle management: Interoperability standards help digital transformation

A lifecycle approach for digital and physical asset management adds efficiency to capital projects, handover and associated maintenance and reliability management activities and in other ways.

By Mark T. Hoske
Machinery & Equip October 13, 2021

Renewable energy will increase security and lower geopolitical risk

As renewable energy assume a greater share of the energy mix, risks to the continuity of the U.S. energy supply will dissipate

By Avery Ruxer Franklin
Machinery & Equip September 30, 2021

Tech-enabled asset management holds key for oil and gas upstream industry

Oil and gas companies are adopting intelligent automation tech developed to withstand the harsh weather conditions and provide real-time data

By GlobalData
Machinery & Equip September 10, 2021

Applying IIoT and AI to midstream asset management

Asset management, intelligent workflows and automation play critical role in operational efficiency

By Manish Chawla
Machinery & Equip June 22, 2021

Renewables undercut cheapest fossil fuels on cost

Renewable energy shares that achieved lower costs than the most competitive fossil fuel option doubled in 2020, according to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Machinery & Equip March 16, 2021

China to lead global chlorine capacity additions by 2025

GlobalData reports that chlorine capacity is poised to see considerable growth by 2025 with China leading the charge.

By GlobalData
Machinery & Equip March 4, 2021

Leveraging technological advances to reduce expenses and NPT

Replacing seats and valves, a costly expense for oilfield operators

By Caroline Linder
Machinery & Equip February 23, 2021

Reliability solutions company acquired to strengthen asset management holdings

Baker Hughes is acquiring ARMS Reliability to strengthen their industrial asset performance management (APM) capabilities.

By Baker Hughes
Machinery & Equip October 7, 2020

Energy roundtable on the industry’s future

Four industry experts discuss what they’re seeing in terms of trends, technology, challenges, and the future of the energy industry.

By Dewberry
Machinery & Equip June 2, 2020

Blockchain establishes truth

Why blockchain should be a part of any new well build

By Andrew Bruce
Machinery & Equip March 2, 2020

Manufacturing index grows, but concern looms about coronavirus

The purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) slid to 50.1 in February, which shows overall growth, but there are major concerns about the coronavirus and what it will mean for the manufacturing industry.

By Chris Vavra
Machinery & Equip December 3, 2019

Maximize production by monitoring erosion

Data from two complementary monitoring technologies enable maximized production rates, even with high entrained solids.

By Jake Davies, Ph.D.
Machinery & Equip December 1, 2019

Develop a full understanding of riser system health

Digital elements of an asset integrity program described.

By Kenneth Bhalla
Machinery & Equip November 28, 2019

Pumps that thrive under pressure

The evolution of hydraulic transmission technology in the pressure pumping market.

By Dean Bratel
Machinery & Equip November 21, 2019

Asset management is increasingly important for oil and gas companies

Asset management is obtaining greater relevance in enhancing operational efficiencies for oil and gas companies, according to a GlobalData report.

By GlobalData
Machinery & Equip October 5, 2019

Rotating equipment makes the world go ‘round

A wide range of oil & gas equipment and machine providers are releasing their own responses to the introduction of IIoT and the impending age of analytics.

By Kevin Parker
Machinery & Equip October 2, 2019

Midstream’s dilemma with rotating equipment

Decision support platform captures real-time data and delivers operational intelligence.

By Craig Harclerode
Machinery & Equip August 22, 2019

Reducing freshwater use by power plants

West Virginia University researchers are seeking ways to quench the thirst of the nation’s power plants in a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fashion. 

By Jake Stump
Machinery & Equip August 7, 2019

Upstream industry taking advantage of industrial internet

GlobalData reports that the upstream sector is witnessing more implementations of the industrial internet compared to other oil and gas sectors as they try to improve security and asset management.

By GlobalData
Machinery & Equip August 4, 2019

Leverage digitalization for asset integrity management

Select the right management technologies for modernization.

By Dave Maguire and Richard Fish
Machinery & Equip October 1, 2018

Manage information based on each well’s lifecycle

A single source of truth can improve time-to-revenue.

By Frank Gannon
Machinery & Equip September 28, 2018

VFDs: six benefits, energy efficiency

Drives: A growing emphasis on boosting energy efficiency and meeting energy requirements are increasing demand for variable frequency drives (VFDs).

By Aishwarya Vijay
Machinery & Equip September 28, 2018

Digital twins support FPS asset integrity management

Strength comes from global performance model integrated with measured data.

By Scot McNeill, David Renzi, and Dilip Maniar
Machinery & Equip September 26, 2018

Equipment finance sector reporting growth in 2018

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) Monthly Leasing and Finance Index (MLFI-25) showed overall new business volume for August was $8.9 billion, up 14% year-over-year from new business volume in August 2017.

By Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA)
Machinery & Equip September 22, 2018

Optimizing pump reliability and performance

Taking a proactive approach and involving an expert maintenance provider can allow offshore platform operators to deliver significant benefits to their business in the long term.

By Jennifer Cardillo, Sulzer
Machinery & Equip September 7, 2018

Commercial and industrial lubricant demand in U.S. to rise

Commercial and industrial lubricant demand in the US is projected to grow 1.0% annually thanks to an increase in active oil and gas rigs in the U.S., which use engine oil and fluids for lubrication.

By The Freedonia Group
Machinery & Equip August 28, 2018

Move past customized vendor equipment

Working with suppliers on standardizing equipment procurement can lower costs, simplify processes, and save up to 50% in engineering resources.

By Sandy Vasser, ExxonMobil, retired
Machinery & Equip July 18, 2018

Facility management addressed by building technologies

Security and safety enhanced by integration and standardization.

By Kevin Parker
Machinery & Equip July 17, 2018

Mindset changing on oil and gas safety and profitability

In the oil and gas industry, safety and profitability must be intertwined as today's way of thinking needs to go beyond the conventional and move into the more digital and connected world.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Machinery & Equip May 21, 2018

Machine learning applied in U.S. oil and gas shale fields

A machine-learning solution allowed Denver-based Bonanza Creek Energy to monitor data drawn from its SCADA system to detect increasing risk of volatile organic compounds (VOC) or carbon-dioxide emissions.

By Oil & Gas Engineering
Machinery & Equip May 11, 2018

Dual-purpose winches used to improve material, personnel safety

Dual-purpose winch series moves onshore rig material and personnel safely to save rig floor space for oil and gas applications.

By Ingersoll Rand
Machinery & Equip May 8, 2018

Refinery water treatment extends service life, increases efficiency

Practical and effective ways to protect against corrosion can help maintain healthy systems, increase efficiency, and enhance cost savings for a company in the long run.

By Julie Holmquist, Cortec; Casey Heurung, Cortec; Tonya Decterov, Bionetix
Machinery & Equip April 27, 2018

Progressing cavity pumps applied to oil field multiphase fluids

Solution compared to conventional separation is cost-effective and are useful for multiphase fluid transfer of crude oils.

By Robert Kurz, NETZSCH
Machinery & Equip April 10, 2018

How machine learning contributes to smarter pipeline maintenance

Machine learning can allow oil and gas companies to make better use of the enormous amounts of data as they try to maintain their pipelines.

By Tim Edward with Rob Salkowitz
Machinery & Equip April 4, 2018

AI used to predict oil and gas equipment failures

Graphics processing units is being used to train deep learning algorithms, it is possible to predict when oil and gas equipment might fail and improve the efficiency and reliability of expensive drilling and refining operations.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Machinery & Equip February 14, 2018

Reliable data enhances automation product designs

As the world progresses to digital, analog measurement reliability is more important than ever to ensure quality input for product design.

By John Lehman, Georg Haubner, Dataforth Corp.
Machinery & Equip January 30, 2018

How slow roll runout works in electric motors

Vibration measurement a requirement on API motors.

By Papa Diouf, P.E. and Bryan Oakes, Baldor Electric
Machinery & Equip December 5, 2017

Engineering analytics can instill confidence in innovative solutions

Examine equipment and its functions within a system and resist the urge to continue going with the flow when it comes to gathering data.

By Collin Gaskill
Machinery & Equip November 20, 2017

Using a PHA for process valve safety

A detailed process hazard analysis (PHA) has to examine the human factors involved and identify, evaluate, and control potential hazards to prevent future process valve incidents from occurring.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Machinery & Equip November 20, 2017

Prevent process safety incidents from occurring

Process safety incidents can lead to tragic consequences for workers and for innocent bystanders and it is paramount companies work on improving protocols and best practices.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Machinery & Equip October 9, 2017

Practical approaches to rigorous corrosion protection

Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) technology is designed to be used across oil & gas industry sectors and in many applications.

By Julie Holmquist
Machinery & Equip August 14, 2017

Contextual mobility declutters on-the-go SCADA

How IIoT impacts oil & gas SCADA-based field mobility.

By Ed Nugent
Machinery & Equip June 22, 2017

Benefits of equipment life optimization programs

Operations and maintenance is not one-size-fits-all and an equipment life optimization program (ELOP) can help engineers achieve equipment reliability while cutting costs.

By Grant Lanthort
Machinery & Equip June 14, 2017

Disruptive technology meets the intractable challenge of fugitive-gas emissions

Optical-gas imaging (OGI) makes gas clouds visible and operates as an infrared sensor capable of operating within the thermal spectrum.

By Laith Amin
Machinery & Equip April 13, 2017

Upstream oil and gas safety improves in the post-Deepwater Horizon era

So nothing like this catastrophe happens again.

By Marty Stetzer, Joseph Perino
Machinery & Equip March 26, 2017

FCC compliance and frequency selection for SCADA

Radio-frequency solutions remain viable for off-shore installations.

By Elizabeth Buckley
Machinery & Equip March 25, 2017

Overcome challenges in offshore wireless communications

Sound communication are key to good collaboration, and must be secure as well.

By Josh Parker
Machinery & Equip March 24, 2017

In-service data used to support continued-service assessments

Floating productions systems remain in use longer than it had been supposed.

By Scot McNeill PhD, PE; David Renzi, PE
Machinery & Equip March 23, 2017

Are ROVs more like robots or drones?

Remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) are emerging mobile technologies that are used underwater that have continued to evolve.

By Kevin Parker
Machinery & Equip February 11, 2017

What the oil and gas industry needs from SCADA

Supervisory control systems aggregate data at key points in the supply chain. A list of industry suppliers is included.

By CFE Media
Machinery & Equip November 23, 2016

Intelligent automation series part 6: Understanding the process of automation systems

Automation pyramid part 6: The easiest way to understand the pyramid as a whole is to see how information moves from Level 1 to Level 5 and how to get value out of data analysis.

By Alex Marcy, Corso Systems
Machinery & Equip September 22, 2016

Asset performance management company acquired

GE Digital (NYSE: GE) has acquired Meridium, Inc., which specializes in asset performance management (APM) software, as the company looks to enhance their real-time analytics and reliability-centered maintenance best practices.

By GE Digital
Machinery & Equip August 7, 2016

Industrial UPS delivers power protection to fracking applications

Power demands ranging from the rejuvenated oil fields of Oklahoma, a refinery in California, to a TI-class supertanker are diverse and pose electrical power challenges. These challenges often occur in unforgiving environments that need to be considered.

By Ron Seredian, Falcon Electric, Inc.
Machinery & Equip February 6, 2016

Falling oil prices’ impact on pump and compressor suppliers

While they face many tough challenges, innovation and intelligent manufacturing initiatives are still driving forces in these markets; IHS believes they will greatly reduce the full impact of the ongoing oil price crisis.

By Preston Reine, IHS
Machinery & Equip January 5, 2016

Voice of the industry: Johnathan Hottell, SCADA supervisor

Well Site Automation spoke to Johnathan Hottell, SCADA Supervisor at EXCO Resources in a pre-conference interview, ahead of the second annual Well Site Automation Congress in Houston, TX January 27-28, 2016.

By Johnathan Hottell
Machinery & Equip June 4, 2015

Coriolis flow meters for high pressure offshore chemical injection applications

Emerson Process Management's Micro Motion F100P and HPC010P Coriolis flowmeters are designed to measure accurate flow rates for wellbore chemicals injected at high pressure conditions for demanding offshore applications.

By Emerson Process Management
Machinery & Equip June 4, 2015

Industrial cable for hazardous and harsh environments

Dekoron Wire & Cable's DekaFlex is a UL-Listed industrial cable designed to withstand numerous bending cycles and resist higher mechanical impact and crushing forces in hazardous and harsh environments.

By Dekoron Wire & Cable
Machinery & Equip May 31, 2015

Process safety lessons from Chinese PX projects

Control Engineering International: Heavy chemical engineering enterprises are often involved in lengthy and complicated production processes. An accident can occur if an error occurs in any process. Advanced diagnosis and safety management systems can help enterprises predict and prevent accidents before and during occurrence, according to Control Engineering China.

By Aileen Jin, Control Engineering China
Machinery & Equip May 29, 2015

Radar level meter for liquid applications

Krohne's Optiwave 5200 C/F is a 10 GHz FMCW radar level meter designed to measure level and volume in storage or process tanks with process conditions up to 250 C and pressures up to 580 psi for general purpose or hazardous locations.

By Krohne, Inc.
Machinery & Equip May 27, 2015

Liquid level switches designed as replacements for sensors and switches

Endress+Hauser's Liquiphant FTL31 and FTL33 liquid level switches are based on vibrating tuning fork technology and are designed to handle difficult process conditions and can be installed in any vertical or horizontal position in a vessel, pipe or tank.

By Endress+Hauser
Machinery & Equip May 26, 2015

Safety instrumented system for small and midsized process applications

Rockwell Automation's OptiSIS solution is a pre-engineered safety instrumented system designed for oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical producers with aging process safety systems that are either noncompliant or can no longer be maintained.

By Rockwell Automation
Machinery & Equip May 20, 2015

Implementing energy management for machinery and processing plants

Energy management doesn’t require a task force to implement. It can be done from the ground up by teaching energy management best practices to all employees at a facility and ensuring good habits don’t die.

By Amin Almasi
Machinery & Equip May 18, 2015

Flared-gas powered Pykrete can protect offshore rigs

Gas flaring is a waste of energy and by taking flared gas and redirecting it, it can be used to power a pykrete barrier for offshore rigs that can contain spills and protect the rigs from harsh weather and even pirates.

By Don Yates
Machinery & Equip May 13, 2015

Programmable motion controller adds flexibility to testing blowout preventers

A general-purpose test system can be viewed as a research and development tool and a production and reliability support tool. An advanced motion controller allows customers to go beyond design verification to study materials science and design integrity.

By Bill Savela, PE
Machinery & Equip May 5, 2015

Using a historian to store machine data

Cover story: HMI-historian integration cover story: Integration of historians with human-machine interface software allows knowledge workers to change the future based on past collection of big data. Here’s the why and how of linking your machine HMI to a historian, and the best ways to view and analyze historical data. See 8 benefits of historical machine data and 7 ways to view and analyze machine data.

By Richard Clark
Machinery & Equip May 4, 2015

Explosion proof encoder for oil and gas applications

The Model LP35 from BEI Sensors is a hollow shaft encoder that is explosion proof and flameproof and is designed to operate in harsh oil and gas conditions, such as drilling.

By BEI Sensors
Machinery & Equip May 4, 2015

Soft starters: The modern solution for every girth gear drive

Soft starters replace old mechanical solutions such as star-delta or autotransformers and are gaining market share in the electrical drive field, previously dominated by variable frequency drives. The latest developments in this area was presented at the Middle East Electricity show.

By Andreas Fornwald
Machinery & Equip May 4, 2015

Hyperspectral video camera sees leaks

Hyperspectral cameras designed to take pictures of cancer cells at 30 frames per second are now being used to spot and detect gas leaks.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Machinery & Equip April 30, 2015

Smart cement revolutionizes well casings

Cumaraswamy “Vipu” Vipulanandan, professor of civil and environmental engineering and director of the Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology at the University of Houston (UH) created smart cement. It has great potential in the oil and gas industry with revolutionary properties beyond the oil-well cement currently used.

By Eric R. Eissler
Machinery & Equip April 22, 2015

Speed dome camera designed for harsh conditions

Moxa's VPort 66-2MP is a 1080p PTZ dome camera designed for mission-critical video surveillance applications for harsh factory conditions and challenging outdoor locations.

By Moxa
Machinery & Equip April 15, 2015

Technologies converge to improve sensor networks in the oil and gas industry

In a time of depressed oil prices, producers and large oil companies are working hard to increase production and reduce costs. However, adding sensors to oil and gas infrastructures allow engineers to better actuate extraction process efficiency and maximize production potential.

By Nina Rach
Machinery & Equip March 30, 2015

New way to monitor offshore oil, gas fields

A new technique called time-lapse reflection seismology is used to monitor offshore oil and gas deposits to optimize production and look for hazards such as hidden gas pockets.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Machinery & Equip March 13, 2015

Inspecting instruments installed in hazardous locations

A difficult, time-consuming, and expensive task is made much simpler with wireless instruments to relay information from flow, pressure, temperature, level, and other field transmitters.

By Ian MacDonald
Machinery & Equip March 11, 2015

Extracting hydrocarbons with thermal runaway

Linden Duncan did some experimenting with some thermal-enhanced oil recovery techniques using a monopole antenna and microwaves. Applications for this hybrid system include heavy oil, bitumen, and kerogen extraction. The results of this test are sufficiently convincing to require a larger-scale test.

By Linden Duncan
Machinery & Equip March 10, 2015

Vietnamese oil company selects company to handle project management for offshore oil and gas platform

Hoang Long Joint Operating Co. (HLJOC) has selected Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) to handle project management as well as install control and safety solutions for an oil and natural gas platform located in the Te Giac Trang (TGT) Field off the southern coast of Vietnam.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
Machinery & Equip March 10, 2015

Rugged panel PCs for OEMs, end-users

The Value HMI Panel PC series from American Industrial Systems is designed and engineered specifically for OEMs and end-users needing to improve their smart operations in industries with harsh, rugged conditions.

By American Industrial Systems
Machinery & Equip March 6, 2015

Connected decision making for energy producers

Bringing together documents and data to enable complete visibility.

By Sean Baird
Machinery & Equip March 3, 2015

Infrared cameras for predictive maintenance, oil and gas operations

Fluke's TiX560 and TiX520 infrared cameras are designed to allow thermographers to easily navigate over, under, and around objects to preview and capture images for predictive maintenance, R&D, oil and gas, and other utility applications.

By Fluke
Machinery & Equip February 19, 2015

Control system, PLC, IO, backplane, power supply are secure by design

Video: Bedrock Automation has designed a control system that features a programmable logic controller (PLC), backplane, power supply, and I/O modules, all with cyber security in mind from inception. This automation system, said to be secure by design, was introduced and discussed at 2015 ARC Forum. Beta customers will use the system in March; sales are expected in July. See video link.

By Bedrock Automation
Machinery & Equip February 17, 2015

Safety Plan: Preventing hydraulic shock

Following the catastrophic hydraulic shock at Millard Refrigerated Services facility in Theodore, Alabama, which released more than 32,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) issued a safety bulletin to inform industries that utilize anhydrous ammonia in bulk refrigeration operations on how to avoid a hydraulic shock hazard.

By ISSSource
Machinery & Equip February 9, 2015

Companies collaborate to provide cyber security solutions for oil plants

Yokogawa and Cisco are collaborating to deliver Shell's SecurePlant initiative, which SecurePlant is a security management solution for plant control systems. This is scheduled to be implemented over the next three years at around 50 Shell plants globally.

By Yokogawa
Machinery & Equip February 4, 2015

An engineering imperative: Integrating operations into design

To gain operational readiness and improve asset data builds for new facilities, oil and gas companies look beyond simple data handoff to collaborative methods and hub solutions that more effectively bridge the worlds of plant design and operations.

By Roberto Michel
Machinery & Equip January 22, 2015

SCADA market growth expected to continue

IHS projects continued growth in the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) market with the Americas generating a lot of revenue through the oil and gas markets as well as strong domestic consumption in the food and beverage and power markets.

By IHS Inc.
Machinery & Equip January 20, 2015

Industry trends: Restorative hibernation

The start of 2015 looks uncertain for the U.S. oil and gas industry given the continuing supply glut and slumping prices. The overall slowdown is beginning, however, and this may be the time to upgrade and integrate systems for increased efficiency when the industry ramps up again.

By Eric R. Eissler
Machinery & Equip January 13, 2015

How do burner combustion control systems work?

Gas and oil burners are everywhere. They power package boilers, start up larger furnaces with fluidized beds and grates, and heat many other processes. To understand how to tune gas and/or oil burners, it helps to first understand how and why they work the way they do.

By Chris Hardy, Cross Company Integrated Systems Group
Machinery & Equip January 13, 2015

Benefits of heating heavy oil with medium-voltage mineral insulated cables

Thermal enhanced oil recovery (EOR), which has been around for more than 50 years, is a relatively old technology. But over the past 20 years thermal EOR has evolved to feature all kinds of tricks, including: steam heating, water flooding, solvent dissolving, in-situ combustion, direct ohmic heating of the reservoir, microwave heating, and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). Thermal EOR is a technology that keeps on learning new tricks despite its age.

By Chet Sandberg
Machinery & Equip January 12, 2015

Terminal blocks for hazardous locations

Phoenix Contact’s line of screw-clamp terminal blocks—the UT 4-MT-EX, UT 4-TG-EX, and UT 6-TG-EX—have pluggable fuse and knife disconnect terminal blocks and are designed for control applications throughout the process industry, especially in oil and gas applications.

By Phoenix Contact
Machinery & Equip January 8, 2015

IO module market improved global performance in 2013

The global I/O market improved overall in 2013 thanks to a strong performance in the Americas, according to a recent IHS report. The Americas was the strongest regional market for I/O modules in 2013 thanks to the relatively stable economic situation and strong growth in the process sectors.

By IHS Inc.
Machinery & Equip January 6, 2015

Digital oilfield technology demonstrated

Digital oilfields are becoming more and more important to ensure the utmost efficiency in the production phase as companies look to cut costs as oil prices continue to drop worldwide.

By Eric R. Eissler
Machinery & Equip December 23, 2014

Valve interlocking series for process safety control

The Kirk Eagle trapped key valve interlocking systems are designed to ensure that users follow a pre-determined sequence of operation for startup and maintenance on generators in power stations, refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial applications.

By Kirk
Machinery & Equip December 22, 2014

Oil & Gas Engineering to debut in February

Oil & Gas Engineering is a bi-monthly publication by CFE Media that will cover aspects of oil and gas operation, design and distribution, with a specific focus on helping oil and gas operations managers operate their systems safely and more efficiently.

By CFE Media
Machinery & Equip December 12, 2014

Energy pipeline operator installs control system, gains production system visibility

Oil and Gas: Information-enabled control architecture provides production intelligence, system visibility for Cybertrol Engineering’s software implementation. This includes a wide view of historical information, health monitoring, and verification for critical assets, like 5000 hp motors, and role-based access to performance data.

By Ben Durbin
Machinery & Equip November 24, 2014

New version of one of the longest running DCS platforms

Yokogawa releases Centum VP R6.01 integrated production control system with major new features.

By Yokogawa
Machinery & Equip November 4, 2014

Coriolis flow meter for process applications

Emerson Process Management's Micro Motion Model 5700 Transmitter is a Coriolis flow transmitter designed to translate measurement data and is applicable for liquid and gas custody transfer to simple process control and other applications.

By Emerson Process Management
Machinery & Equip October 21, 2014

Raising the bar on oil-rig pipe testing

A testing process using electro-hydraulic motion controllers gives drillers confidence that rigs can stand up to the most extreme subsea conditions.

By Bill Savela
Machinery & Equip October 9, 2014

Emerson launches expanded reliability management consulting service

Recent acquisition helps enlarge range of services combined with growing product line. Campaign aims at saving customers cost and improving production capacity.

By Emerson Process Management
Machinery & Equip September 24, 2014

Software designed to monitor asset health, operations

The NI InsightCM Enterprise by National Instruments is software that allows users to cost-effectively monitor critical and ancillary rotating machinery, which helps manage operational risk while maintaining profitability and production efficiency.

By National Instruments
Machinery & Equip September 22, 2014

Portable multi-function instrument calibrator, communicator

GE Measurement & Control's DPI 620 Genii combines multifunctional test and calibration capabilities with digital HART and Foundation Fieldbus communications for chemical and process applications.

By GE Measurement & Control
Machinery & Equip September 11, 2014

Energy market outlook

Mark Peters reports the energy market outlook for the next decade at the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition.

By Anisa Samarxhiu
Machinery & Equip September 10, 2014

Using SCADA beyond the typical process environment

At the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition, Ming Zhang demonstrated how an operator can have process control in their fingertips.

By Anisa Samarxhiu
Machinery & Equip September 9, 2014

Current industry challenges and expectations of an automation partner

At the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition, Simon Lam addresses how the automation industry has changed and the new challenges it now faces going forward.

By Anisa Samarxhiu
Machinery & Equip September 9, 2014

HMI touch panel PC for industrial and commercial automation

American Industrial Systems' (AIS) Custom, Smart HMI Touch Panels Design for Manufacturability Services for OEM customers are designed for industrial and commercial automation industries and markets.

Machinery & Equip August 27, 2014

SCADA platform with expanded device connectivity

Emerson Process Management's OpenEnterprise v3 SCADA platform has expanded device connectivity for communication protocols to help the operation and management of large installations of RTUs and flow computers.

Machinery & Equip August 26, 2014

Operator control units for explosive environments

The LRC-M1-IS and the LRC-L1-IS by Laird are operator control units (OCUs) that are approved for use in highly explosive environments, including oil and gas rigs, petroleum processing and chemical engineering plants.

Machinery & Equip August 25, 2014

In-line viscometer providing on-location measurement

The Model 3330 In-Line Viscometer from Chandler Engineering provides real-time, on-location measurement of fracturing fluid viscosity and is designed to withstand the harsh field conditions that fracking crews encounter on a constant basis.

Machinery & Equip August 20, 2014

Safety, production process upgrades for offshore platform in Russia

Sakhalin Energy Investment Co. has contracted Honeywell Process Solutions has been contracted to upgrade process control and alarm management systems at the Molikpaq platform on the Sakhalin shelf in Russia.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
Machinery & Equip August 13, 2014

Flexible radar level measurement solutions

Ametek Drexelbrook's DR 2000 guided wave radar level meter and the DR 5200 open air radar level meter are radar-based level measurement solutions and each device is calibrated for a wide variety of applications in harsh conditions.

Machinery & Equip August 12, 2014

Real-time oil and gas data in the cloud

Oilfield services company boosts productivity and bolsters worker safety by sharing drilling information via the cloud.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Machinery & Equip August 10, 2014

Multiport router certified for hazardous locations

The EDR-810 by Moxa is a highly integrated industrial multiport secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN and managed Layer 2 switch functions.

Machinery & Equip July 18, 2014

Drilling deeper for offshore oil and gas production

Automation improvements make deep offshore drilling economically feasible, while still maintaining safety and reliability.

By Eugene Spiropoulos
Machinery & Equip July 8, 2014

Guided wave radar level transmitters

Emerson Process Management's Rosemount 5300 Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level transmitters are certified to IEC 61508 for safety instrumented functions up to SIL 3 and provides continuous level measurement.

Machinery & Equip July 8, 2014

Advanced control technology puts performance, safety above all

CAD Control Systems and Siemens Industry partner to bring continuous improvement to the oil exploration industry, adding reliability and efficiency to existing blow-out preventer control systems.

By Colm Gavin
Machinery & Equip July 2, 2014

Single loop controllers receive enhancement

Yokogawa has enhanced its YS1000 series single loop controller with an enhanced LCD screen and the ability to replace the LCD screen while online. Courtesy: Yokogawa

Machinery & Equip June 13, 2014

Tension load cell for mast and hook weight up to 40,000 lb

The tecsis LP's Model XLRW load cell is an inline load cell that monitors mast and hook weight up to 40,000 lb with an accuracy of ±0.50% FSO and is engineered for heavy duty use with reliable bonded foil strain gage sensing elements.

Machinery & Equip June 10, 2014

Importance of safety and security on the rise

When it comes to safety, or even running a process, everyone has to be on the same page to ensure a smooth running operation.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Machinery & Equip June 6, 2014

Transformer for energy-intensive industries

General Electric's Prolec-GE Multitap Transformer is designed to deliver customized power to energy-intensive industries such as oil & gas and operate in extreme conditions like including high humidity, ultraviolet radiation, and chemical pollution.

Machinery & Equip May 1, 2014

Modeling software for refinery, petrochemical operators

Honeywell's RPMS 500 modeling software is Microsoft Windows 7/8 compatible and incorporates analytics software to help refinery and petrochemical companies assess long-term investment and operational conditions.

Machinery & Equip April 8, 2014

Ultrasonic flowmeter for pipeline monitoring

Honeywell's USM GT400 Ultrasonic Flowmeter is designed to reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain pipeline metering and also features cloud-based technology to provide stability during flow perturbations.

Machinery & Equip April 8, 2014

Current-to-pressure transmitter series

Moore Industries' IPH2/IPX2 Current-to-Pressure (I/P) Transmitter features 22 direct and reverse output ranges and feature a removable electronics module that speeds the recovery process.

Machinery & Equip December 10, 2013

Pushing machines to the limit: Transitioning to digital overspeed protection

Application Update: Understand rotating machinery designs and limits, conduct thorough analysis, and test for protection from overspeed catastrophes.

By Darren Herschberger, Jim Blanchard
Machinery & Equip December 2, 2013

HMIs for hazardous oil and gas conditions

American Industrial Systems' Hazardous Area HMIs and Thin Clients are designed to help oil and gas operators improve plant performance and reliability while maintaining worker safety.

Machinery & Equip November 26, 2013

Classified-area control panels

4 basic design concepts that could help avoid costly errors or worse.

By Andy Crossman
Machinery & Equip October 29, 2013

Digital pH/ORP sensor and PC software platform

Yokogawa's SENCOM platform product series for the digital measurement of pH and ORP consists of a module, a sensor, cable, and software that are designed for process industries.

Machinery & Equip October 17, 2013

Coriolis flowmeter series

The Micro Motion ELITE CMFS sensor platform features a compact and fully drainable design that delivers precise measurement in an array of line sizes for tough applications.

Machinery & Equip October 9, 2013

Industrial serial-to-fiber converter protects from surges, spikes

Antaira Technologies' STF-401C industrial serial-to-fiber converter series is designed to protect connected serial equipment in industrial manufacturing and factory automation applications.

Machinery & Equip October 3, 2013

Evolving RTU capabilities facilitate expanding oil and gas production

With the growth of unconventional sources, more production assets are being created and put into production. Monitoring and integrating thousands of sites requires a high level of sophistication.

By Senthil Balasundaram
Machinery & Equip September 10, 2013

Surveillance camera receives certification for hazardous conditions

The VPort 36-1MP-IVA-T by Moxa received UL certification for deployment in hazardous locations in the oil and gas industry where flammable gases or vapors may be present.

Machinery & Equip September 10, 2013

Pressure gage for panel builders

The Ashcroft Type 2008S panel builder's gage is designed to monitor pressure in a variety of industries where precision and accuracy are demanded.

Machinery & Equip August 9, 2013

Which kind of temperature sensor is the most accurate?

Readers are often passionate about temperature sensors. Here’s one discussion based on experiences going back more than 40 years with more current responses.

By Control Engineering
Machinery & Equip August 6, 2013

High-end compact controller is 4x faster, gets an open Linux-based design

National Instruments redesigns NI CompactRIO from the inside out. The new NI cRIO-9068 software-designed controller is part of the most advanced and open system design platform for embedded control and monitoring systems, the company said. NI introduces the controller during the first keynote session of its NIWeek conference and show on Aug. 6.

Machinery & Equip August 2, 2013

Company selected to provide control valves for offshore oil platform

GE Oil & Gas will supply control valves for an offshore production platform in the Hejre oil and gas field in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

By General Electric
Machinery & Equip July 10, 2013

Pressure sensors for oil and gas industry

Honeywell added two models to their Wing Union/Hammer Union pressure sensor portfolio, which are designed for precision accuracy during drilling operations.

Machinery & Equip July 1, 2013

Thermoelectric cooling units receive NEMA certification

The ThermoTEC Class I, Division 2 Series of thermoelectric air conditioners by EIC Solutions received NEMA 4x certification, allow the air conditioner to be used with enclosures washdown and hazardous locations.