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Machinery & Equip August 15, 2014

What’s the future of diesel in the generator sets market?

Despite the overall global trend toward cleaner burning non-diesel fuels, diesel will remain the leading fuel type used in the global generator sets market for many years to come.

By Greg Johnson, IHS Technology
Machinery & Equip August 13, 2014

Flexible radar level measurement solutions

Ametek Drexelbrook's DR 2000 guided wave radar level meter and the DR 5200 open air radar level meter are radar-based level measurement solutions and each device is calibrated for a wide variety of applications in harsh conditions.

Machinery & Equip August 12, 2014

Real-time oil and gas data in the cloud

Oilfield services company boosts productivity and bolsters worker safety by sharing drilling information via the cloud.

By Sidney Hill, Jr.
Machinery & Equip August 10, 2014

Multiport router certified for hazardous locations

The EDR-810 by Moxa is a highly integrated industrial multiport secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN and managed Layer 2 switch functions.

Machinery & Equip July 18, 2014

Drilling deeper for offshore oil and gas production

Automation improvements make deep offshore drilling economically feasible, while still maintaining safety and reliability.

By Eugene Spiropoulos
Machinery & Equip July 8, 2014

Guided wave radar level transmitters

Emerson Process Management's Rosemount 5300 Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level transmitters are certified to IEC 61508 for safety instrumented functions up to SIL 3 and provides continuous level measurement.

Machinery & Equip July 8, 2014

Advanced control technology puts performance, safety above all

CAD Control Systems and Siemens Industry partner to bring continuous improvement to the oil exploration industry, adding reliability and efficiency to existing blow-out preventer control systems.

By Colm Gavin
Machinery & Equip July 2, 2014

Single loop controllers receive enhancement

Yokogawa has enhanced its YS1000 series single loop controller with an enhanced LCD screen and the ability to replace the LCD screen while online. Courtesy: Yokogawa

Machinery & Equip June 13, 2014

Tension load cell for mast and hook weight up to 40,000 lb

The tecsis LP's Model XLRW load cell is an inline load cell that monitors mast and hook weight up to 40,000 lb with an accuracy of ±0.50% FSO and is engineered for heavy duty use with reliable bonded foil strain gage sensing elements.

Machinery & Equip June 10, 2014

Importance of safety and security on the rise

When it comes to safety, or even running a process, everyone has to be on the same page to ensure a smooth running operation.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource