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Machinery & Equip August 22, 2019

Reducing freshwater use by power plants

West Virginia University researchers are seeking ways to quench the thirst of the nation’s power plants in a more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly fashion. 

By Jake Stump
Machinery & Equip August 7, 2019

Upstream industry taking advantage of industrial internet

GlobalData reports that the upstream sector is witnessing more implementations of the industrial internet compared to other oil and gas sectors as they try to improve security and asset management.

By GlobalData
Machinery & Equip August 4, 2019

Leverage digitalization for asset integrity management

Select the right management technologies for modernization.

By Dave Maguire and Richard Fish
Machinery & Equip September 28, 2018

VFDs: six benefits, energy efficiency

Drives: A growing emphasis on boosting energy efficiency and meeting energy requirements are increasing demand for variable frequency drives (VFDs).

By Aishwarya Vijay
Machinery & Equip September 28, 2018

Digital twins support FPS asset integrity management

Strength comes from global performance model integrated with measured data.

By Scot McNeill, David Renzi, and Dilip Maniar
Machinery & Equip September 22, 2018

Optimizing pump reliability and performance

Taking a proactive approach and involving an expert maintenance provider can allow offshore platform operators to deliver significant benefits to their business in the long term.

By Jennifer Cardillo, Sulzer
Machinery & Equip September 7, 2018

Commercial and industrial lubricant demand in U.S. to rise

Commercial and industrial lubricant demand in the US is projected to grow 1.0% annually thanks to an increase in active oil and gas rigs in the U.S., which use engine oil and fluids for lubrication.

By The Freedonia Group
Machinery & Equip August 28, 2018

Move past customized vendor equipment

Working with suppliers on standardizing equipment procurement can lower costs, simplify processes, and save up to 50% in engineering resources.

By Sandy Vasser, ExxonMobil, retired
Machinery & Equip July 18, 2018

Facility management addressed by building technologies

Security and safety enhanced by integration and standardization.

By Kevin Parker
Machinery & Equip July 17, 2018

Mindset changing on oil and gas safety and profitability

In the oil and gas industry, safety and profitability must be intertwined as today's way of thinking needs to go beyond the conventional and move into the more digital and connected world.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource