IIoT Series: Part 3: Edge, Fog and Cloud

One (1) Certified Professional Development Hour (PDH) available for all attendees.


To relieve bandwidth constraints or inherent latencies, and to improve system security and reliability, computational resources—from gateways to multi-purpose devices to computers—are being stationed at the edge. These computational resources located at the edge can filter or process data so that only what’s needed is transmitted between production control or enterprise systems and the cloud.  In this course, we’ll discuss how some of the options involved are evolving.

Large volumes of streaming data can be processed and stored at the edge, e.g., for domain control, human/machine interface, supervisory control (SCADA), AI/ML, and others. What’s called Fog processing takes place at the gateway level, where more processing power is available, but close enough to the equipment to support closed-loop control.

On the other hand, manufacturing execution system (MES) applications, for example, may continue to rely on streaming data but with analytic capabilities that extend across multiple machines and multiple levels of the edge-fog-cloud hierarchy.

Still other applications can be installed on a central server and used over a network, with converged sensors, instrumentation, and assets. What’s sent to the cloud is for enterprise applications involving such things as Big Data, digital twins or advanced analytics, i.e., where data latency isn’t a concern.

In this course, you will learn about the kinds of computing resources, as well as the applicable standards and protocols, applications, and data management options relevant to edge, fog and cloud.

Learning objectives:

  • Why edge-fog computing is an increasingly viable means of achieving enhanced monitoring and control of industrial processes.
  • What’s different about Cloud and edge-fog computing and what role to the two technologies will increasingly play in process control and automation.
  • What types of application technologies will emerge on the basis of fog and Cloud, including analytics and machine learning.
  • How edge-fog and Cloud impact data management.

Course Instructors:
Charles C. Byers, associate chief technology officer, Industrial Internet Consortium
Ed Kuzemchak, chief technology officer and director, embedded and IoT engineering, Software Design Solutions Inc.
Steve Hilton, co-founder and president, MachNation