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Courtesy: Steve Rourke, CFE Media
Production & SCM December 7, 2018

Government meets with oil and gas council for cybersecurity initiative

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) met with the Oil and Natural Gas Sector Coordinating Council to discuss a strategic approach to secure pipelines and other critical oil & gas infrastructure.

By Gregory Hale
Figure 1. Metal end cap seals need to be resistant to downhole fluids such as hydrogen sulfide and drilling fluids while meeting industry specifications such as ISO 23936 and 10423. Courtesy: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Production & SCM November 28, 2018

High-performance materials support optimal metal end cap seals

Elastomers are tested for suitability, addressing potential challenges ranging from high temperatures to corrosive fluids and high pressures

By Eric Bucci
Pump packing seal exhibiting excessive leakage to the environment. Courtesy: John Crane Inc.
Production & SCM November 26, 2018

Upgrade from pump packing to mechanical seals

Sealing conserves water, improves energy efficiency, and minimizes environmental impact.

By Mark Savage and Sam Ajram
Figure 1. The network architecture supports groups of field instruments and actuators using mesh communication to support reliable data transfer. Each device acts as a data originator and potential relay point. Courtesy: Emerson Automation Solutions
Production & SCM October 29, 2018

Bring IIoT capabilities to refineries and process plants

The first step to bringing fieldbus networking and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into process manufacturing plants and refineries may be changing device-level networking practices.

By Dan Carlson
Courtesy: SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Production & SCM October 24, 2018

Cloud-connected condition monitoring solution

SDT340, together with UAS4.0, is a cloud connected condition monitoring solution that combines the power of ultrasound, vibration, temperature, and RPM in one diagnostic package.

By SDT Ultrasound Solutions
Courtesy: Detechtion
Sponsored White Paper Production & SCM October 24, 2018

Chemical Injection Monitoring and Control

This white paper explains how a properly managed chemical automation program ensures that there is enough chemical in the tank at all times.

By Detechtion
Courtesy: Sentry
Sponsored White Paper Production & SCM October 24, 2018

Process Sampling 101: Five Things to Know When Sampling in Hydrocarbon Processing

Process sampling is integral to hydrocarbon processing, providing visibility into product quality, identifying corrosion and helping ensure process integrity.

By Sentry Equipment
Courtesy: Bentley Systems
Production & SCM October 15, 2018

Digital twin collaboration advances brownfield process operations management

Siemens and Bentley's collaboration of PlantSight links the design/build and operate/maintain aspects of oil and gas assets and other brownfield applications.

By Bob Vavra
Courtesy: Niresh Behari
Production & SCM October 9, 2018

Growing role of human/machine interaction in risk management

A risk management evaluation for safety-critical equipment (SCE), including use of a risk matrix, is fundamental to controlling operating hazards, but even proven industry hazard determination templates won’t work with outdated data.

By Niresh Behari
Courtesy: WTI Midland basis forward curves from CME.
Production & SCM October 4, 2018

Technology improvements driving down Permian Basin oil production costs

Oil production in the Permian Basin has nearly doubled since early 2016 thanks to technology improvements and there are no signs of slowdown in the short- or long-term.

By Josh Schulte