Production & SCM

Jar testing equipment is used in Dr. Berna Hascakir’s lab to bench mark and visually record produced water reactions to pretreatment methods. Courtesy: Damir Kaishentayev, Texas A&M University
Oil and Gas January 2, 2021

Improving clean produced water for hydraulic fracturing processes

Researchers at Texas A&M University are investigating cost-effective methods to produce clean produced water so it can be further treated and used in hydraulic fracturing processes.

By Nancy Luedke
Courtesy: Siemens
Oil and Gas December 22, 2020

E-House OEM ensures reliability, availability and higher asset utilization for a leading Permian oil and gas drilling contractor

AC power, a Texas oil and gas drilling contractor, upgraded its newest rigs for reliable, packaged electric buildings and standardized components

By John Meyer
Courtesy: Frank’s International
Oil and Gas December 2, 2020

Standardization and modularity to drive operations efficiency

Mitigate the financial risk of ordering back-up float equipment

By Amy Farrar
Courtesy: Sulzer
Pumps November 27, 2020

Technology for legacy pumps developed

Every industrial process delivers benefits for people around the world and nearly all of them involve a pumping operation at some point and keeping these essential assets operational is an important task.

By Daniela Haldenwang
Courtesy: Emerson
Oil and Gas November 24, 2020

IT/OT convergence helps upstream and midstream operations pivot to meet new realities

World events impose changes on upstream and midstream oil & gas operations, but IT/OT convergence and digitalization helps users adapt

By Denka Wangdi and Darrell Halterman
Exterior of completed pump at Odessa Service Center. Courtesy: Sulzer
Oil and Gas November 24, 2020

Refinery pump retrofit boosts output

Crude oil refineries need to meet productivity targets just like any other process industry, but increasing output represents a considerable challenge and will nearly always require changes in pump performance.

By Matt Kinney
Courtesy: Steve Rourke, CFE Media
Energy Efficiency November 4, 2020

Nationwide protocol for storing carbon proposed

BCarbon, developed by a working group at Rice University, is a scalable soil carbon storage standard designed to work for landowners and soil carbon storage buyers. Ten principles are highlighted.

By Jeff Falk
Courtesy: GlobalData
Oil and Gas October 19, 2020

Augmented reality can disrupt traditional operations in oil and gas industry

Augmented reality is an evolving technology with the potential to cause major changes to traditional oil and gas operations.

By GlobalData
Courtesy: Emerson
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 October 12, 2020

Evaluating IoT wireless protocols for industrial applications

Do IoT-based wireless technologies designed for municipal, building, and residential sensor networks offer anything for industrial users? How about 5G?

By Andrew Cureton
A yellow underwater robot (left) finds its way to a mobile docking station to recharge and upload data before continuing a task. Courtesy: Jared Pike, Purdue University
Robotics October 8, 2020

Mobile docking system developed for underwater robots

A mobile docking system for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) has been developed to allow vehicles to perform longer tasks without the need for human intervention.

By Kayla Wiles