Production & SCM

Oil and Gas January 27, 2020

Improving offshore safety with increased mindfulness

A partnership among University of Houston researchers and energy companies, Diamond Offshore Drilling and Baker Hughes, will examine whether simple exercises designed to increase mindfulness can reduce potential safety risks associated with offshore operations.

By Jeannie Kever
There is a strong positive expectation for natural gas demand growth via new power, petrochemical and liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants but this does not necessarily guarantee a high natural gas price. Courtesy: GlobalData
Oil and Gas January 8, 2020

Low natural gas prices driving increased assets

Comstock's Cheaspeake Haynessville assets acquisition could increase their net present value by a third and almost double natural gas production.

By GlobalData
Figure 3: The new control center was created quickly. Courtesy: Inductive Automation
System Integrators December 17, 2019

Short timeline for automation infrastructure

System integrator assembled a diverse collection of technologies to meet an aggressive schedule.

By Jim Meyers
Simcoa used ABB’s submersible inspection robot service, TXplore, to perform an internal inspection for one of their power transformers that was leaking oil. Courtesy: ABB
Oil and Gas December 10, 2019

Swimming robots used for oil and gas operations

Simcoa used ABB’s submersible inspection robot service, TXplore, to perform an internal inspection for one of their power transformers that was leaking oil.

Matteo Pasquali, director of Rice University’s Carbon Hub, with a spool of fiber made of pure carbon nanotubes. Courtesy: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University
Oil and Gas December 9, 2019

Rice University, Shell launch climate change initiative

Rice University and Shell have launched Carbon Hub, a major research initiative to create a zero-emissions future in which oil and natural gas provide both clean energy and advanced materials

By Jade Boyd
Figure 4: Wireless sensors were installed as part of a complete data-to-desk system, including powerful data visualization and analytics. Courtesy: Emerson
Asset Management December 3, 2019

Maximize production by monitoring erosion

Data from two complementary monitoring technologies enable maximized production rates, even with high entrained solids.

By Jake Davies, Ph.D.
Figure 1: A layered and decentralized cybersecurity enforcement approach is universally applicable across different assets installed at the edge. Courtesy: Xage Security
Oil and Gas December 2, 2019

An immutable ledger enables multi-party operations

Put settlement disputes to bed and ensure multiparty accountability.

By Norman Thorlakson
Asset Management December 1, 2019

Develop a full understanding of riser system health

Digital elements of an asset integrity program described.

By Kenneth Bhalla
In the chemical and process industries, the cost of technology is rising, especially given tighter process schedules — pluggable test disconnect terminals simplify servicing and maintenance. Courtesy: Phoenix Contact
Process Manufacturing November 29, 2019

HART increasingly used for quick diagnostics

Pluggable disconnect terminals for process engineering control systems. HART can help control processes in 3 ways.

By Alan Sappe’ and Torsten Schloo
Figure 2: Although traditional transmissions in Oil & gas applications require use of hydraulic torque converters, today’s transmissions have a master clutch that eliminates the need for a converter and reduces the transmission’s footprint. Courtesy: Twin Disc
Hydraulics November 28, 2019

Pumps that thrive under pressure

The evolution of hydraulic transmission technology in the pressure pumping market.

By Dean Bratel