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Production & SCM January 4, 2018

Retaining skills and expertise for the next generation

Every business needs to have a skills training program to one degree or another. For those involved in more complex industries, such as oil and gas or petrochemical engineering, gathering new skills as well as the experience of the older generation and passing it onto those committed to learning a new trade is an essential business practice.

By Jennifer Gaines, Sulzer
Production & SCM November 2, 2017

Organization names 2017 Plant of the Year

The Shell Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) plant/ship of Royal Dutch Shell, to be located in the Timor Sea off the Northwest coast of Australia, has been named the FieldComm Group 2017 Plant of the Year.

By FieldComm Group
Production & SCM October 18, 2017

Oil and gas software solutions company acquired

Emerson has agreed to acquire Paradigm, a provider of software solutions for the oil and gas industry, in a bid to expand their oil and gas market presence.

By Emerson
Production & SCM October 8, 2017

Keeping an industry above water

Changes in oil and gas production over the last decade have allowed the economy to weather a storm such as Hurricane Harvey with minimal changes in price.

By Kevin Parker
Production & SCM September 15, 2017

Creating a gender balance in the oil and gas sector

Cover Story: While the oil and gas sector is still male-dominated, engineering-minded associations are working to motivate more women to work in the field.

By Pam Duncan
Production & SCM June 13, 2017

Identify artificial-lift methods for Gulf Coast wells

Further production possible from wells in decline phase, but still viable.

By Bob Bishop
Production & SCM June 13, 2017

A view from the oil patch

An operator discusses the challenges in optimizing or reviving production in declining oil wells.

By Oil & Gas Engineering
Production & SCM June 6, 2017

Hydrocarbon chemistry transforms a century, and still going

Natural gas and non-traditional polymer feedstocks are an opportunity for plastics innovation.

By Kevin Parker
Production & SCM April 20, 2017

Researchers design coatings to prevent pipeline clogging

Researchers at MIT have developed a coating that could stop the buildup of hydrate ices that slow or block oil and gas flow, which could help prevent another disaster such as Deepwater Horizon. See video.

By David Chandler, MIT News Office
Production & SCM February 9, 2017

Reservoir models ease uncertainty

Parameters of a good reservoir model are reviewed and what aspects should be considered by oil and gas engineers.

By Raj Damodaran, Emerson Process Management