Virtual Training Week Day Three


Our discussion on Predictive & Preventive Maintenance will include digital twins, motor-driven systems, as well as a presentation from Ralph Rio from ARC Advisory Group.

All courses are AIA and/or RCEP-approved.

Digital Twins for Predictive Maintenance can provide Near Zero Unplanned Downtime and Transform Operations

The use of digital twin technologies with IoT has lowered the cost of implementing predictive maintenance and enables these applications to be sustainable.

Andrew Barco

Ralph Rio, Vice President Enterprise Solutions

ARC Advisory Group


The Market for Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems

Methods for performing predictive maintenance are evolving rapidly. As a result, the market for enabling technology of predictive maintenance is set to boom. By 2024 Interact Analysis expects the market for predictive maintenance in motor-driven systems to reach a valuation of $906.1M, posting a CAGR of 40.6% over our forecast period (2018-2024). Attend this session to learn more from the expert panelists.

Blake Griffin

Market Analyst
Interact Analysis

Mohamed Abuali

Managing Partner

Isaac Bennett

IT Manager
Wright & McGill Co.

Kelly Knepley

Chief Information Officer
DexKo Global

How predictive technologies are evolving through disciplined data collection, organization and analysis

Manufacturers are finding that data collection is only part of the equation when it comes to predicting machine health and performance.A robust toolbox of organization and analysis processes is essential in turning data into knowledge and action.

Andrew Barco

Tate Pearson

Senior Director of Engineering and Technical Support Services


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