Original air date March 24, 2021

Effective process control system migration

One (1) Certified Professional Development Hour (PDH) available for all attendees.

Many distributed control systems (DCSs) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have reached end of useful life. Sure, process control systems (PCS) need to be secure, reliable, and safe. Other desirable traits include easy incremental upgrades; interoperability with best-in-class devices, systems, and software; productivity gains; integration of training, digital twin, best practices, mobility, and optimization; and migration without significant downtime. What’s practical, what’s possible, and what are you doing to get there? (Early retirement may be an option, but probably is not what your coworkers want to hear.)

Learning objectives:

  • Review who should be involved in a DCS migration and why.
  • Determine preparation, timing, and structure for a DCS migration.
  • Cover desirable traits of and advantages of a modern process control system.
  • Learn what differs about migration projects now compared to 5 or 10 years ago.
  • Explore lessons learned before you start a DCS-to-PCS migration.

Presented By:
Don Bartusiak, President, Collaborative Systems Integration
Lynn Njaa is business development manager, DCSNext process automation consultant, at Maverick Technologies

Moderated By:
Mark Hoske, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology