Original air date May 3, 2022

How to Implement an Effective Electrical Safety Program


Near misses, near hits, and close calls have similar meanings. They each describe a safety incident in which there was credible potential for serious injury, but no injury occurred. Investigating these events is especially useful for identifying deficiencies and improvement opportunities in electrical safety programs. Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) from exposure to or contact with hazardous electrical energy are rare in most organizations. Less than 0.2%, or less than I in 500, Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) in the U.S. are attributed to exposure or contact with hazardous electrical energy. Approximately one in 350 LTIs from all causes are fatal, however one in 13 LTIs from hazardous electrical injury is fatal. The very low frequency of electrical injuries can lead individuals and organizations to incorrectly believe that their electrical safety program is effectively controlling the risk of electrical injury, when in fact, the absence of serious electrical injury may be more about the low frequency of electrical injuries rather the effectiveness of the electrical safety program.

Organizations should not wait until an injury occurs before conducting incident investigations. This webcast will explore the possible misconception of electrical safety program effectiveness and discuss techniques to better identify opportunities to expose gaps, deficiencies and weaknesses in your electrical safety program before the rare serious injury occurs.

Learning objectives:

  • Better understand the low frequency/high severity characteristics of electrical injuries
  • Define a near miss/near hit/close call electrical incident
  • Learn how to educate others on the value of investigating near miss/near hit/close call electrical incidents
  • Be able to apply learnings from incident investigations to continually improve effectiveness of electrical safety programs

Presented By:
H. Landis "Lanny" Floyd, PE, CSP, CESCP, CMRP, CRL, Life Fellow IEEE, Partner and Principal Consultant, Electrical Safety Group Inc

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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