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Original air date August 29, 2019

Keep compressors at the top of their game

Attendees qualify for a Certificate of Completion

This webinar will look at what it takes to be confident of productivity and safety

Gas compressors are a vital equipment species applied in natural gas production, transportation and distribution. Gas compressors must be kept in a high state of repair, ensuring both productivity and safety.

Compressors are applied across the natural gas supply chain. In the upstream, natural gas compression is often used to get natural gas from low pressure wells to gathering systems and to maintain production as reservoir pressure declines. In the midstream, compression is used to move natural gas through gathering systems and maintain pressures over long distances. And compression also is a big part of getting the commodity into and out of storage and processing facilities.

Gas compressor stations traditionally have large gas compression engines with thousands of horsepower per location. These compressor stations are integral for the natural gas to reach its destination, thus Uptime is a must!  Nevertheless, routine maintenance and repair must be a priority.

This webinar will examine basic uses of gas compressors in the oil and gas industry, looking especially at periodic and major maintenance considerations and the criticality of the engine turbocharger for the management of compressor assets.  The webinar will also look at ways to utilize existing compressor assets for new operational opportunities in a world where these assets are coming very hard to come by.

Presented By:
Tyler Davis, AMS Engineering Manager, Archrock
Mitch Opat, Manager of Turbochargers, Archrock
Kyle Jantzen, Director of Sales, Aftermarket Services, Archrock
Bernard Capello, Senior Sales Manager, Archrock

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media & Technology

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