Original air date September 22, 2021

Overcoming the Limitations of Human-Machine Interfaces

Attendees are eligible for a certificate of completion.

Human-machine interface (HMI) displays have long suffered from a variety of design limitations, from bulky, immobile enclosures to tangled cables and connectivity challenges. Yet despite the frustration and inefficiencies these restrictions cause every day, they’ve traditionally been accepted as necessary evils by equipment manufacturers and end users.

It’s no longer necessary to settle for the limitations of traditional HMI displays, even for harsh or demanding environments. A variety of cost-effective innovations now make it possible for HMI displays to overcome limits in ways that save considerable time, cost, and frustration for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users alike.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to eliminate the need for bulky enclosures, simplify physical connections and enable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • How to eliminate common frustrations and enable efficient workflows
  • Explore how to reduce HMI equipment footprint and total cost of ownership

Presented By:
Ken Kamlowsky, General Manager, EXOR America

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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