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Original air date May 12, 2020

Resolve robotic challenges using bin-picking intelligence

Learn about pick and place robots’ benefits and applications



Bin picking comes in many shapes and sizes, from high payload automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing applications, to pick and drop e-commerce order fulfillment and part sortation applications.  Learn how advances in precision bin-picking can help the wider range of pick and place implementations, the second most popular robotic application, according to a recent survey. This webcast will examine barriers to automating precision bin picking applications including cost, floor space, programming time and complexity, and rapid change over requirements, and how the latest generation of collaborative robots are meeting those challenges. Demonstrations, illustrations, graphics, and customer case study examples will help explain.

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Learning objectives:

  • Explore customer challenges of automated bin picking and pick and place applications
  • Learn customer applications for automated bin picking and how they can benefit wider pick and place robot applications
  • Understand new technologies that enable precision part pick-and-present and how that knowledge can be used in a wide array of pick and place applications
  • Review answers to frequently asked customer questions about related technologies

Presented By:
Silas Neale, Channel Development Manager, Universal Robots

Moderated By:
Mark Hoske, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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