Original air date April 13, 2022

The way we work now: Supply chain disruption

Address the unforeseen consequences of the pandemic


The pandemic has disrupted nearly all global supply chains. Factories whose production tended to be very predictable ramped up to satisfy a surge of orders. The result is just about anything produced or  manufactured — from chemicals to electronics to running shoes — is in short supply.

What do we know about these challenges? What can be done about them?

In this webcast, the presenter will review projections for continued supply chain disruption as it pertains to manufacturing and process industries. Where are the major constraints and what’s the fix? Hear the informed opinion.

In addition, enterprise resources planning (ERP) is the system of record for materials and supply chain management. Are purely lean inventory practices outdated? Can solutions for order management, supply chain visibility and supplier collaboration help? What about analytics and machine learning?

To better understand supply chain challenges and how technology can support solutions, tune into this webcast.

Learning objectives:

  • What is the scale and scope of the current supply chain dilemma?
  • How will the global supply chain correct itself?
  • What steps should manufacturers and producers do to continue pleasing customers?
  • How can technology contribute to the solution?

Presented By:
Bob Ferrari, Founder and Managing Director, Ferrari Consulting and Research Group

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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