Original air date April 13, 2021

Understand and control compressed air system costs


Measuring compressed air systems means more than checking your electric bill. It means taking a proactive look at how, when and why compressed air is used. The work must address both supply side management and demand management. This webcast will review some of the proven strategies to energize energy management strategies.

Attend this webcast to learn how to establish a compressed air maintenance management and program and execute best-practice compressed air strategies, including examination of highest point-of-use requirements and high-volume intermittent requirements. Understanding compressed air systems can decrease costs and increase productivity.

Learning objectives:

  • Look at energy needs for compressed air
  • Learn about the strategies to identify and better manage compressed air usage
  • Understand how to measure and manage compressed air usage
  • Look beyond the air compressors and at the demand side for increased savings
  • Learn how to establish a maintenance system to improve system efficiency.

Presented By:
Joe Ghislain, Principal, Ghislain Operational Efficiency (GOE) LLC & Compressed Air Challenge instructor  

Moderated By:
Kevin Parker, Content Manager, CFE Media and Technology

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